Come Back Home

What’s up! Chopped up Beatles sample, classic break, and a few drums on top.

This is hip hop.

Hope you like.

Sample Info:
Artist: The Beatles
Recording: Golden Slumbers
Release Year: 1969

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  • micamyx 1 year ago
    This is so nice! Can I use it for my vlog? :D
  • SuperB252 1 year ago
    This is fire!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥I just made a track to this and gave your credit. For non profit use.
  • JesusSaves NYC 1 year ago
  • BossskiJazior 2 years ago
    For Free ?
  • James Young 3 years ago
    Yooooooo, what's the price of the your royalties?
  • EnsoUnoTV 3 years ago
    Alright, this is a lot of help because i use your beats, and more people get to know you, so we help each other, i will give you a link to the video homie (it will be live at EnsoUnoVEVO within the next day (i commented with my other channel onz4hpc) Regards homie
  • onz4hpc 3 years ago
    Hey, i got a song recorded on one of your beats, i signed to a label so i want to upload it to my VEVO channel, i couldnt do anything to avoid the monetizing, but vevo do it, my views are low, like 700 to 2k what can i do to upload the song? How much does it cost for a lease? Also you will have the credit on vevo, its an Official video

    Thanks homie
  • Streetvolume TV 3 years ago
    Wir würden uns freuen wenn du an unserem SVBC 2015 teilnimmst.

    Mach mit und Gewinne Bares bei der Beat Challenge von Streetvolume. Alle weitere Information findest du bei uns.

    Die Qualifikation kann vom 07.03.2015 bis 14.03.2015 eingereicht werden.
  • This is really nice! Sampled rap is my favorite so thanks for continuing the coolest part of the culture.
  • authentixRap 3 years ago
  • Avant-R 3 years ago
    Dope dope dope dope as always! Loving your beats so much!!!!
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