A fairly simple and straight forward hip hop (rap) instrumental. Great for a mixtape style project.

Pianos and stuff.

Hope you like!

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  • averoog 2 years ago
    Forgot I had this in my favorites, damn this is good stuff!!
  • i fuck with this!!!
  • averoog 3 years ago
    Oh shitttt
  • Honda PreludeBB6 3 years ago
    hey man Amazing music like always! great to see you keep em coming! been here since day 1
  • juarez3ugr 3 years ago
    Listening to something nice. Real nice
  • GEzeTv 3 years ago
    Check my version Right on you're beat with the fireworks, and I'll do a song to this beat as well. Lemme kno what you think. You really make some inspiring beats. Much love
  • Nomad 3 years ago
    You have done it again man!!!
  • Kevin Ruiz 3 years ago
    Something different. I like it !
  • really nice
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