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Here’s another acoustic guitar beat. They seem to be popular so I decided to share another.

This one is bouncy and has a cool rhythm.

Thanks for listening!

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Habla Varon 2 years ago
Your beats are dope asss hell! Congrats! Do you mind if i write a song on this beat? I will give you credits for it!
Nic Nelson 3 years ago
Waking life is a dreamstate when my footsteps in the sand, erase-wash away like the drugs in her hand. Call her Alice; when we're mad here, when we're anything but sad here, When I fell through the hole I just gripped to her hand. Pass the portal to the left, aperture is feelin right, drowning bottles of the medicine, gone for the night. Waking life is a dream state with you with me these days, weed hazed weekdays hit the replay
Jus2WTFBBQx 3 years ago
This is pretty ill this :) Keep up the work! Can I use this for none profit use? Credit will go to you for the beat of course!
jimmyjihad420 3 years ago
I swear every one of your beats i listen to is mad inspirational. Get me free styling every time
Dee Collinz 4 years ago
Hey I was just wondering if I could use this beat I need another sound a new one and this beat is perfect I will give you full credit please and thank you
Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
Nice man I like that! That sounds cool and I do appreciate that. Can't wait to hear! I totally agree, we gotta feel good. So I'm here to help! Have fun man, and I'll check you out, too!
DIGIHENDRIX3000 4 years ago
your boy yardi black is going to def push the hell out of your beats brother and full credit you of course..beautiful positivity in music...this is what life is meant to be and love..check my page sometime love.