Cigarettes and Soup

You know, if I could make an old vinyl jazz recording, this is what it might sound like.

It’s almost like a good walk through a cool downtown neighborhood.

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  • Carma The Kid 2 years ago
    Ah I'd love to use this is in my short film but that crackle wouldn't work. It works for what it is, but with dialogue it's distracting.
  • Matt le 3 years ago
    how do you have the song repeat ?
  • Matt le 3 years ago
    Great stuff...
  • word2yermutha 3 years ago
    pretty much my favorite thing to listen to right now. Fucken awesome dude!!
  • Matt le 4 years ago
  • juarez3ugr 4 years ago
    may i use this? i really like the tone of it
  • FelixTheCat 4 years ago
    Good vibes, love the song man!
  • SoundArtProjekt 4 years ago
    very fine Jazz Music with great Piano and nice Sax-very great Music : )
  • Niko Fresko 4 years ago
    This one is amazing bro! Gracias! (Y)
  • BURNZY187 4 years ago
    nice and mellow good work man
  • webnet15 4 years ago
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