A smooth acoustic guitar instrumental laid over some classic hip hop drums.

Relax and enjoy yourself.

Thanks for listening.

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  • Change is a lesson and a blessing.
    Growing from something that put you in distress again.
    Smoking meth again, left saying whered she run to. whys she not here.
    Other day overheard her saying she was onto me.
    I cant keep this burden on me.
    I had to find someone that i could learn from and lean on a bit.
    Somewhere i deserved once.
    Now where i desert from my life into.

    My wife cries wonders if i died.
    I dropped off the face of the planet.
    Man i didnt plan this..
    But my face is so broke out
    My hair so greasy.
    Nobody would want to see me.
    Take another hit and watch the tv.

    Four days later walk through the rear door.
    Cant stand anymore and my wife, i had swore would be pissed.
    When she came in screaming i stood back amiss.
    I blew up and put her in distress.
    Turns out she was worried.
    Instead of a kiss or a hug all she got was a story.
    Maybe wouldnt have scurried and stayed if i would have prayed and been honest that day.

    Now stuck singing
    Every change is a lesson and a blessing.
    Growing from something that put you in that mess again.
    Swear ill never smoke meth again.
    Or will i?
  • chido el instrumental
    puedo utilizarlo para aser una canción de ra´p
  • Bvnny 3 weeks ago
    Good song. I play 12 string to this one from time to time :)
  • Michael Jones 3 weeks ago
    Website won't allow for leasing purchase when you click the button that is responsible for leasing.
  • IDKY 1 month ago
    How much for exclusive
  • Vince Nguyen 1 month ago
    nice one! keep on it :D
  • kevin frechette 1 month ago
    U wake up and everything is diffrent
  • Collide Chaos 2 months ago
    Yo this beat fire, is it okay if i use it for soundcloud rapping/singing?
  • Django RrrDOC 2 months ago
    Es het nie öppert gseit es isch eifach, S lebe isch en kampf, ob du arm bisch-oder geld hesch,Häsch ständig riese hürde, wo der na de rest nänd,
    ((sogar s letzte hemd weg))
    Storys usem umfeld, selbsterlebt und teils nödmal fürs gerechti kämpft, und scho gar ned für mini rechte kämpft, immernur geg mich selber glenkt, immer drüber hin wegdenkt, ha gege die welt kämpft, Scho viel zlang idem gwälltzt.Doch irgendwenn ja denn checksch es,Drumm verzell ich die wort demits nöd bim nöchste vlt. Zspät wär. Peace out, das isches statement. Und i bin ken rapper#
  • Grizzly Beatz 2 months ago
    This is dope
  • Mega-Hurtz Piano 3 months ago
    -Mega-Hurtz Piano
  • Is this beat up for sale?
  • cookahbetsy 4 months ago
    AMAZING BEAT... I WROTE A WHOLE SONG TO THIS A few years ago... beautiful beat
  • L'Héritier 5 months ago
    Hi! Your instrumental is a very beautiful work. I really love it. I'm a french rapper (novice) and I've wrote lyrics on it. I would like to know if I can use your beat for publish a song with my lyrics on my You Tube channel ?
  • K Yates 5 months ago
    I'm getting a Baby Bash kinda vibe from this. Smoke up!
  • Romeo Garcia 6 months ago
    Can I use this
  • russell rainey 8 months ago
    the love we shared yesteryear was clear but today isn't standing near  the presence is here.only thing missing is a camp fire and beers.old marshmellows and tears. new jokes to cover the old ones. a pack of smokes yeah the long ones.long talks of old songs and whose singing the new blues. like we forgot about the old much for love songs.  or the words of those whose aren't sung.
  • Arutan-Tao Studio 9 months ago Beautiful beats man, i made a rap to your instrumental !
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