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Right Beat Radio Changes

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A smooth acoustic guitar instrumental laid over some classic hip hop drums.

Relax and enjoy yourself.

Thanks for listening.

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Phil Rizk 1 month ago
Everytime I see your face I cry,
Everytime I hear your voice I die,
TyDe 1995 1 month ago
had alot of times had alot of memories
done alot of crimes till i ran out of energy

knew if i kept doin it, it woulda been the end of me

had to go revaluate livin free

i had better things to do then let my path limit me,
never knew what my life could begin to be
its a shame it barely started hittin me
if i overdosed and died people woulda been missin me
but nobody would ever truly know my history or
listen to my music and learn what is to me
they told me, nothing in life is ever guaranteed so
they're gonna sit back and watch mine tear in 3 slow
but i never had time for those kinda people
too bad life doesnt come with cheat codes
it doesnt even with a guranteed sequel
still tryna keep an open mind while people are judging me though

take a big breath

i'm feelin faded gotta breath for 2 or 3 when im' thinking of the person i used to be
asking myself is the enemy you or me
trill_dae TV 1 month ago
Must we leave can we stay
I love the way you say my name
Is this the end can i come back to you
Trying to fix all the issues idk idk why i can't say the truth
I've been having my fun
Not worried about you trying to keep my distance
Trying to live and i realize that i want you but now you're away
Awayyy away awayyyy away awayyyy away i wanna be with you but you're away
sheldon halladay 1 month ago
Going through these changes
Takin in all these new sensations
Through open eyes of the sages
I close my eyes begin my meditations
All these kids on medications, take
Their minds with false educations
Arga 3 months ago
Bro can i use your beat for instgram i'm not gonna monetize it if you agree with this i'll notifi you in my instagram , hopefull you agree
Thanks bro i like your beats
Oasis_ URN 6 months ago
was wondering if i could use this its a beautiful instrumental lmk asap please
Luna Kiwatila 6 months ago
why does this sound almost exactly like Blended Family by Alicia Keys? coincidence? this was released 2012, Blended family in 2016..
Chris Black 9 months ago
Please, please, please! Tell me if this is yours or not. I heard a version of this a while ago and fell in love with it and it sounded almost exactly like this but there was more instrumentation or something. Either way, I KNOW this isn't the only variation of this so please! Please tell me where to find the original or modified version of this. I'll pay you guys
Jesse Jacobus 12 months ago
Hey dude thankyou so much for this fantastic work of art that you uploaded, can i use it for non-profit & give you credit?
DublupZ 1 year ago

Im sick of all your lies, sick off all your alibis
Sick of all your fights, sick of all your advice
Tonight is the night imma leave your side
No longer are you messing with my mind

All the cheating and the all lies, you’d try to hide
Thinking the whole time, i was walking blind
Well its time, for you to say your goodbyes
No longer am i sticking by your side

I know the cheating is a fact
Cause i caught you in the act
Cant believe you was fucking behind my back
Its time for you to pack and never come back

I wish i had more trust in you, i really do
But its kinda hard when i busted you
Im not saying i don’t believe you
Its just so many people have told me to leave you
JustineCanSing 1 year ago
Loving the Rhythm and beat of this !! Would I be able too use this for a song I am writing I will make sure too give you credit and a link on the Memo.