A smooth acoustic guitar instrumental laid over some classic hip hop drums.

Relax and enjoy yourself.

Thanks for listening.

Acoustic Hip Hop Hip HopAcoustic Guitar Bass Guitar Drum BreakBright Calm Chill Hopeful Laid Back Reflective Thoughtful Serene90-99 bpm
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  • Romeo Garcia 3 weeks ago
    Can I use this
  • russell rainey 2 months ago
    the love we shared yesteryear was clear but today isn't standing near  the presence is here.only thing missing is a camp fire and beers.old marshmellows and tears. new jokes to cover the old ones. a pack of smokes yeah the long ones.long talks of old songs and whose singing the new blues. like we forgot about the old much for love songs.  or the words of those whose aren't sung.
  • Arutan-Tao Studio 3 months ago Beautiful beats man, i made a rap to your instrumental !
  • Phil Rizk 5 months ago
    Everytime I see your face I cry,
    Everytime I hear your voice I die,
  • TyDe 1995 5 months ago
    had alot of times had alot of memories
    done alot of crimes till i ran out of energy

    knew if i kept doin it, it woulda been the end of me

    had to go revaluate livin free

    i had better things to do then let my path limit me,
    never knew what my life could begin to be
    its a shame it barely started hittin me
    if i overdosed and died people woulda been missin me
    but nobody would ever truly know my history or
    listen to my music and learn what is to me
    they told me, nothing in life is ever guaranteed so
    they're gonna sit back and watch mine tear in 3 slow
    but i never had time for those kinda people
    too bad life doesnt come with cheat codes
    it doesnt even with a guranteed sequel
    still tryna keep an open mind while people are judging me though

    take a big breath

    i'm feelin faded gotta breath for 2 or 3 when im' thinking of the person i used to be
    asking myself is the enemy you or me
  • trill_dae TV 5 months ago
    Must we leave can we stay
    I love the way you say my name
    Is this the end can i come back to you
    Trying to fix all the issues idk idk why i can't say the truth
    I've been having my fun
    Not worried about you trying to keep my distance
    Trying to live and i realize that i want you but now you're away
    Awayyy away awayyyy away awayyyy away i wanna be with you but you're away
  • Going through these changes
    Takin in all these new sensations
    Through open eyes of the sages
    I close my eyes begin my meditations
    All these kids on medications, take
    Their minds with false educations
  • REAMS 6 months ago
    i want this
  • Daniee Manzano 7 months ago
    Can I use for non-profit?
  • Carson Checkosis 7 months ago
    Made something with this , check it out please.
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  • Arga 7 months ago
    Bro can i use your beat for instgram i'm not gonna monetize it if you agree with this i'll notifi you in my instagram , hopefull you agree
    Thanks bro i like your beats
  • ugi jaya abdilah 7 months ago
  • Oasis_ URN 10 months ago
    was wondering if i could use this its a beautiful instrumental lmk asap please
  • David Trull 10 months ago
    +rightbeatradio How can I buy this beat?
  • ez pz 10 months ago
    Big pun you aint a killer acapella :D
  • Kiwatila 10 months ago
    why does this sound almost exactly like Blended Family by Alicia Keys? coincidence? this was released 2012, Blended family in 2016..
  • Tricky Fruits 11 months ago
    can i use this for non profitß :)
  • Arándano ღ 11 months ago
    So inspiring...
  • Javier Perrán 12 months ago
    can I use this beat?
  • xLion 1 year ago
    very nice
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