Champion 2012

Champion 2012

(2.5/5 stars)
Right Beat Radio Champion 2012

Enjoy (♥) Right Beat Radio.
You heard it here first.

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I originally wasn’t going to share this one but since the Giants won the super bowl I figured I’d go ahead and share it lol. And thanks for all the support!

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kay ma 4 years ago
I REALLY like the style of this music. Flute and the R&B style matches perfectly. I really hope someone could tell me is there any composer who are famous on making this sort of music. :D
djDMANCQ 5 years ago
Sweet Sweet Sweet,love this !!! Are You Playing The keys? 5 thumbs up.
Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
@Ware00111 Haha nice! The electric piano i'm sure is quite popular! Our drums are different and the arrangement. What is he saying? Thanks bro!