Burnd Jam

A buddy of mine asked me to loop this Weezer song, Burndt Jamb.

So I put some Nas vocals in front to show you it’s possible to spit a rap over a Rock tune!

I can’t take any credit for the music because I didn’t really do anything to it. All I did was cut a few pieces from the original, rearranged them into a specific sequence, added some kicks behind it, and that was it.

This was a simple looped beat for a buddy of mine to play around with.

All credit to Weezer for constantly making great music. I’m a fan.

Sample Info:
Artist: Weezer
Recording: Burndt Jamb
Release Year:

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  • Saying yes all the time.. 'cause my head and neck won't stop movin' . See ya mike.
    Your suscriber J.C ✌
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