Brave Hearted

Here’s another very simple guitar instrumental. Not too short this time, as a few of our fans expressed that the “1 Page Letter” song was a bit too short. So I tried to make it the typical three-minute length song.

I like my complicated compositions sometimes, but I still believe that the simple stuff can be very effective.

So you won’t hear any special effects, not too many drops or instruments at all. This song is pretty much a few guitar licks and a few drums behind that.

3 verses that are almost identical, repetitive flow, simple structure.

I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for listening!

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  • 어두경 4 years ago
    If you allow, I want to use this beat for my mixtape :) All beats in your channel is so amazing.
  • Hi right beat radio, can't stop listening to this instrumental all nite.. So inspiring,.. Hope I can download and make a song with it? u have all the credits.. Ur permission plsssssssssssss. uit
  • Jamal Harrison 4 years ago
  • Laëty ́L 4 years ago
  • J Means 4 years ago
    This is a chill guitar hip-hop beat , very unique
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