Boy Wonder

Boy Wonder

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Right Beat Radio Boy Wonder

This instrumental is in no way related to Boi Wonder or 9th Wonder. The title may sound similar, but neither of the two were on my mind when I thought up the name for this instrumental. The song and the feeling that I get has everything to do with overcoming obstacles and succeeding no matter what.

The video depicts mostly inner city areas and young individuals (race aside) who inhabit these different neighborhoods. You can achieve and you can accomplish your goals. Work hard at what you want!

This instrumental features a smooth but repetitive piano sample that was chopped from a larger source and looped. The drums were then programmed over the short piano loop. There is some deep sub bass 808 kicks in there so be careful!

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MeridenCtTv 2 years ago
Hey! If I already downloaded a lot of your beats & recorded over them already before the tag was added to the instrumentals, do I have to re-download the beat & re-record again even if I already am giving you credit for the beat by putting (Pro. Right Beat Radio) near the title of each track? Please get back to me, it's very appreciated!
Jessica Miller 5 years ago
i love how u have a little bit of something for everyone. u have covered many genres all with hip hop beats. very unique, interesting, and i LOVE it :)
Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
@AssCandid That kind of thing has no place here, sorry. If you want to discuss race, please visit someone else's channel.