Born Again

Fun, modern rock music.

What else is there to say?


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  • I made a great song on this and I'll give you credit and the owed cash in credit and sales.
  • Theicecreambandit 5 months ago
    sounds like something that would be in a diy video
  • i liked this so much ,
    can i use it for commercials purpose
  • thedarkninja2000 8 months ago
    Hello, I'm creating a vocal demo reel for use in putting out my voice into the voiceover world. Is it ok for me to use about 10 seconds of this track for that purpose? The demo itself doesn't make any money, it's just a cheap way I can get my voice out where people can hear my capabilities.
  • Bisma Dewa 8 months ago
  • MRD Shorts 10 months ago
    Hi! Love the song, I was wondering about using it for a project in the future. Please get back to me as soon as possible!
  • Can I use this for a song?
  • GDTV222 4 years ago
    really good (Y) 
  • This is amazing! Is there any way to lease this track? With a trackout? and for how much? ...again, amazing work!
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