I never finished this beat. I got stuck at some point and never finished.

I added vocals but not sure if I’m feeling them. So the beat has just been sitting.

It’s short but if you like it, feel free to use it.


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  • Antequera INC. 3 months ago
    believe me when i say beat is finished
  • JesusSaves NYC 1 year ago
  • Oscar DC 3 years ago
    esto esta fuerte bro Ilike... puedo usarlo?

    fue Dios quien puso en tus manos este gran don, este Don poder escuchar todos tus pensamientos
    decir de todo no es lo que te hace un ser mejor, pues no todo pensamiento debe volar como el viento
    tu eres quien debe volar como un aguila y renovarte a diario elevarte mas alla del avila
    crea tu parabola pero sin escapar de la realidad busca a cristo esta es tu oportunidad man. Bendiciones.
  • Jamal Harrison 3 years ago
    Has a good build to it. Seems like it never needed to be finished
  • Frank B. 3 years ago
    Yes. I Do like, how could anyone not.

    It has soul, don't leave a piece of yours missing, unless the reason given was for someone else living like a mortal missive to add the finishing touches, Holden I could try to rocket just punch my golden ticket, a passenger that can blast past the stratosphere to fill the space left vacant by a talented stranger, didn't leave much room for improvement though, gem in the making, smooth and almost perfect, the kind of thing a great woman wears upon a ring, infinite and forever I spit a bit of thunder to split the heaven's asunder, more room to breath & less pressure as I reach for those stars you keep...

    Let me stop here, an ode to creativity, cool beat, even unfinished, keep them coming, I'm the rhymes and awesome beats are my reason Flow N' Soul is just the feeling... Peace
  • Martin Family 3 years ago
    I am looking for some new instrumentals for 2015 Could we connect via email and soundcloud & facebook and work on some projects. Love this vibe.
  • anything good 3 years ago
    man, i never regret dropping by your tunes. unfinished or what, sometimes you just have to leave it to your listeners. for me the mix uf nu jazz grooves and hip hop is classy.
  • AssCandid 3 years ago
  • juarez3ugr 3 years ago
    You are very blessed indeed
  • sammo siambi 3 years ago
    anyway you can finish it or make it longer, I would definitely buy 
  • Johnny Nawatani 3 years ago
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