Blaze A 50 Remix

This is the instrumental to my second Nas remix of “Blaze A 50.”

It’s very jazzy and chill. This instrumental was tailored around the Nas song, which is why it has this arrangement.

You can check out the remix here:

Thanks for listening.

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  • nerdyboyjc 3 years ago
    can i use this beat for my mixtape? my mixtape is not commercial
  • YungCityBoi415 4 years ago
    bouta blaze a chop
    u blaze up tha rock
    even doe yo fam tell you to stop
    ignite the glock, yall watch it pop
    watch him drop, girls suck my cock
  • Nothing beat jazz hop
  • jody rule 4 years ago
    superb, george benson esk.
  • Johnny Nawatani 4 years ago
    Oooh this is the first best this year
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