Black and Blue

Black and Blue

(5/5 stars)
Right Beat Radio Black and Blue

I sampled “Bobbi Humphrey – Blacks and Blues.”

This is a piano jazz instrumental. I have been working more with fruity loops and getting away from hardware more (less room in the house) so I had just bought an Akai MPK Mini controller. I wanted to test it out so I made a sampled beat with it.

I chopped up some of the pianos and put them together. I like the MPK so far!


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Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
@JCMthebrand Nice, send me the´╗┐ link I want to listen! Thanks for checking my version out :)
Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
@underUrpillow You're right! And no problem at all. I appreciate the support and more importantly the concern!
7 MACHOS 5 years ago
thank you for making beats for all the people just make sure nobody steals youre material ,peace brother =)