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Right Beat Radio Bamboo

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Hey everybody! Your boy is finally back. I’ve been through a lot of craziness these past few months, but hopefully I can get back to making music for you all.

Anyway, this is one of the acoustic hip hop beats I’ve worked on recently. If anyone remembers my Fight the Feeling beat, this is pretty similar to that. It has a good feeling to it, something cool for Sunday.

808 bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and other stuff.

Enjoy and I’ll see you again soon!

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Bill Mantooth 6 months ago
Really do enjoy your tracks, great mixes...don't do anything professionally just enjoy making music and your tracks are great to work with. Saw where they were free to use for non-profit, I wasn't sure how to properly credit you but, came up with these additions to your track and wanted to give you a listen, if I've overstepped your intended purpose for these tracks let me know and I'll remove it from soundcloud, just do it for fun. Thanks Bill