Held on to this one for a while. Decided to share this for you.

For my hip hop / rap fans out there. Hope you like.

Thanks for listening!

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  • Kiwani 1 year ago
    Link doesn't work.
  • Lulzim Aliji 1 year ago
    i love this one! how much does it cost?
  • C LEO 1 year ago
    Diggin it
  • TRE LIFE 2 years ago
    Subbed your page n great work!
  • EnsoUnoTV 2 years ago
    Just made a song on this awesome beat dawg... is there a problem if i upload it to vevo, itunes and shazam?

    Thank you fella!
  • SoundArtProjekt 2 years ago
    Hello - very nice Music with great Beat and great Melodie & Chor  - nice time
  • Resa Swork 2 years ago
    Thanks for finally sharing this, Mike! It's great, as all your beats are! _Resa
  • El Cheapo Comics 2 years ago
    M!ke, your beats are INCREDIBLE!!! I was editing a video for my comic book channel and I like to listen to your beats while I work. I heard this and immediately used it for my review video. Is that okay? I guess I got so geeked about your beats I just went for it. Here is the link if you want to check it out:
  • Olivier JM 2 years ago
    Directly saved bro !
  • dust 2 years ago
    What must I do for some rights to this instrumental? I love it, and would enjoy using it. Send me an email? [email protected]
  • Avant-R 2 years ago
    really dope beat homie!
  • Retz woa 2 years ago
    Dope ! As always
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