Are & Be

Are & Be

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Right Beat Radio Are & Be

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A very short R&B instrumental, with 3/4 time signature.

I plucked a simple spanish guitar behind the main piano. Strings come later into the instrumental.

I ran a synth lead through very heavy Flanger which gave me the swirly effect behind the piano during the verse section.

I hope you enjoy!

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King House 1 year ago
la mejór instrumental o beat de R&B que encontré hasta ahora (y) perfecta! saludos desde Argentina
Kristine Untalan 4 years ago
Hello! i've been writing lyrics for this and I hope it's okay to use this. I'll give you credit as the producer and will send you it when it is done.
Nashard Gales 4 years ago
OMG I LOVE THIS!!!! QUESTION!!!! Can you make it a lil longer lol!!!! i like it alot and i could kill it!!!
4 years ago
So beautiful, love the creative synth very smart choice. This is what keeps me coming back to your channel.