Always On Time

Here’s a beautiful gospel instrumental that we put together.

You’ll hear a few instruments, including a dominant piano track, an organ, an electric guitar, and some strings. There are some strong 808 bass kicks that come in, as well as a nice sub bass drop when the song breaks down.

Borrowing advice from our fans on our last gospel track, A Better Day, we tried to keep this all about your vocals instead of building an entire drum track around it.

Hope you like. Let us know in the comments.

R&B Gospel808 Bass Acoustic Piano Bowed Strings Electric Guitar Percussion Sub Bass Conga OrganBright Confident Dreamy Encouraging Heartfelt Hopeful Loud Optimistic Powerful Reflective Serious Sophisticated Thoughtful Dramatic
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  • Marcus Grant 2 years ago
    ooo i love this and a better day. they're so beautiful
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