All Growed Up

All Growed Up

(4.5/5 stars)
Right Beat Radio All Growed Up

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There’s really no story behind this song, rather my long time love for rock music influenced this production.

From beginning to end, whenever I listen to this music, I can’t help but feel like I’ve come a long way. So I called it All Growed Up.

The most important thing is I hope you enjoy listening to this.

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Cristhian Kaiser 6 months ago
I am working on some songs and I'd love to write something to it. and record I'm asking permission please this is awesome
Salma Vip 8 months ago
I love it, does this song have lyrics? Or can I invent one? Haha ....... the music is wonderful
Edison León 11 months ago
Can I use this track in my next video and I'll give all the references to you and this video??
Poi Nation 1 year ago
may i please use this for non profit? i wanna add some lyrics to it! if so could you email the audio track to
Brichetercero 1 year ago
May I add lyrics to it to a "hispster parody?". Of course ill give all the references to u and this video :D
Fauces 2 years ago
Excuse me I was about to ask you if there was any way to purchase this. Are you saying it's actually for free use? (Ofc credits included) I have an original song that fits perfectly into this so I'm really interested :3
Use tu musica para un video,espero que no haya todas maneras mencione en comentarios de donde lo saque.muy buena musica la verdad. Saludos desde Argentina. Si queres pasarte x mi canal te lo agradeceria un monton
Emily Suter 2 years ago
Hello, I am interested in using this instrumental for a school film that I am currently making. Would I be able to use this if I credit Right Beat Radio?
VictJay Fins 2 years ago
I was thinking if maybe I could use this for my school project? I will give you credit :)