All About Us

So I went ahead and turned this He Is We song, All About Us, into some acoustic hip hop.

I added a piano and a simple bass track behind the guitar, along with a few other bits.

She sings during the hook.

I sped it up to a more manageable tempo.

Cover Hip HopAcoustic Guitar Acoustic Piano Drum Break VocalsBright Dreamy Encouraging Happy Hopeful Romantic Thoughtful Cheerful90-99 bpm
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  • NE0NZA 3 years ago
    Can I purchase this beat?
  • Jonah Price 3 years ago
    Finally! Thanks so much, I've been completely writer's blocked for a week or so now. Finally broke out. Your inspiration gave me inspiration. Haha, Thanks!
  • Rijen Stha 3 years ago
    r u big fan of He is we?cuz u always make beat from their song.
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