At the time I made this beat, I was very limited in the sounds that I had. I put this together using a few guitar riffs and some stock drums. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but I tried my best.

This instrumental is very relaxed and chill with a catchy and addictive guitar riff. The drums are simple but provide a nice rhythm.

Acoustic Acoustic Hip Hop Hip HopAcoustic Guitar PercussionCalm Dreamy Reflective Sophisticated Thoughtful

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  • Silab Beats BE 6 months ago
    good acoustic beat
  • Jesus Salvador 6 months ago
    Lorena, me encanta mucho, saludos de California
  • A void 7 months ago
    can i use this beat for home recording ?
  • ztothe p 7 months ago
    Excellent music for running, at least for me :)
  • HevyM.C 1 year ago
    huyy huyy que bonitaa base!!! :D
  • Una canción para Jesúscristo
  • Good day I consider that this beat is great and it have the capability to be a hit song, with whoever is using it to sing or rap on. keep up the soundly work. I love it
  • Lkz Maza 1 year ago
    Wow really nice. Can i use it for non profit?
  • Hughie G 1 year ago
    try and be a little more creative.. sounds to much like another song bud.. and people saying it sounds like a metallica version isn't a compliment... it means make your own music. keep at it bud creativity is key
  • Posso utilizar em uma letra minha?
  • es uso libre
  • me & a friend used this a while back for a song called if i try, still love to come back to the instrumental just to listen to that beautiful melody
  • Hugo Pike 1 year ago
    Can I use this beat for a mixtape
  • Free ?
  • Hi I am Adeel Neakakhtar and I am a composer and singer and but I need some beats. Can I use yours. Credits will be given to you. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee
  • curly shordy 1 year ago
    he was like there's no one loyal baby girl I need someone to spoil,its low key rare because no one cares,but when I give it my all you push me away and let tears fall from my face, ooh these memories I wanna erase,but listen if u let me hold u close and live u the most I'll be your super man,I will hold your hand to the very end ,I love you I love you I hate you,I'm so damn fed u I am making a scene to impersonate you,please come home I can't take it I pretended but I faked it,yh in that I lied but I'm not that kind of guy I'm the one in Innocent disguise, I lied I lied I lied but you know I love deep deep down I just wanna shove you,when the waters deep enough I'd really be luck damn all this confusion in my head and in my heart...these fuckin illusions,you so sweet and kind baby lately I been addicted to tweetin and signs,you broke my heart and now its bleeding some,how you played superman but then gone ask to be best friends,saying that you've got my heart in your hand funny thing is you ain't even my man,you told me best friends are better than gfs,baby boy ain't one of these stupid ass trends,once I told u he said I'm sorry baby come over so we can cuddle and and unfold u,I been there thick and thin but u wanna sat its a win for win,is that why u downgraded oop no shade but u nearly made it,love lies and hate comes in play,love lies and hate every day,love lies and hate yep we on the same page he asked shat page I picked up my heart and three at his fuckin face:/
  • Mikey Doyle 2 years ago
  • very tight beat!you play guitar?greetz easy isso
  • AJe Hip Hop 2 years ago
    Me And My Friend Did A Version Of Your Song ! Please Enjoy <3 Let Me Know What You Think !!! Love This Beat So Much !!!
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