At the time I made this beat, I was very limited in the sounds that I had. I put this together using a few guitar riffs and some stock drums. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but I tried my best.

This instrumental is very relaxed and chill with a catchy and addictive guitar riff. The drums are simple but provide a nice rhythm.

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  • Mike Belik 2 months ago
    Can I use this beat?
  • Tracer 3 months ago
    I'm moving on with time
    I'm moving on with time
    Never to be seen by your face
    ne-ver to be seen by your face
    I'm crossing out the lines,
    fading from the cries
    Moving out of site
    crossing over to a moment where
    you and I could both be near
    seeing what it has come to
    seeing how much I adored you
  • siamo alla frutta 4 months ago
    nothing else matters metallica
  • Samuel Ama 5 months ago
    Like it
  • Silab Beats BE 10 months ago
    good acoustic beat
  • Jesus Salvador 10 months ago
    Lorena, me encanta mucho, saludos de California
  • A void 11 months ago
    can i use this beat for home recording ?
  • ztothe p 11 months ago
    Excellent music for running, at least for me :)
  • HevyM.C 1 year ago
    huyy huyy que bonitaa base!!! :D
  • Una canción para Jesúscristo
  • InstrumenTop 1 year ago
    oh fantastic playlist. amazing work. emotional musio.all the best up
  • Good day I consider that this beat is great and it have the capability to be a hit song, with whoever is using it to sing or rap on. keep up the soundly work. I love it
  • therealdjsmuv 1 year ago
    whutchu use to make this beast on bro, this ish fie?
  • Lkz Maza 1 year ago
    Wow really nice. Can i use it for non profit?
  • Hughie G 1 year ago
    try and be a little more creative.. sounds to much like another song bud.. and people saying it sounds like a metallica version isn't a compliment... it means make your own music. keep at it bud creativity is key
  • Posso utilizar em uma letra minha?
  • es uso libre
  • me & a friend used this a while back for a song called if i try, still love to come back to the instrumental just to listen to that beautiful melody
  • Hugo Pike 2 years ago
    Can I use this beat for a mixtape
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