A Few Words (Intro)

I love the sound that a guitar makes. And even better, a Spanish Guitar. It’s amazing sound totally grabs me and send me to another place. I found a very cool song that was a great sample source for this short spanish guitar clip. It’s not flamenco, and this time not an acoustic guitar – which I also love. Shakira would be proud of me!

The spanish guitar sample is quite short which made it a little more difficult to turn into a full instrumental, hence the short song duration. The drums were programmed one by one, sequence by sequence as to ensure the beat doesn’t get too repetitive to your ears. So most of the change is in the drum pattern. Slight bass tone in the back.

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  • Great Places 5 years ago
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  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @JONEZize Hey thanks. Nujabes is dope. Very inspirational! Thanks a lot, man. Cool comment :)
  • JONEZize 6 years ago
    woah, mad dope. kinda remind me of nujabes, counting stars" before the beat drops still dope.
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @kinichpacal23 Nice, accidentally removed my last comment. I had said yes you're right! Great sample material. I actually have a few more pieces I'd like to throw in a beat soon from this same song. So we'll see if that comes together. Hope you liked my version. Later!
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @wokeandtoke Much love to you, too! You can use any beat you hear on this page. If you don't see a download link for it, let me know and i'll provide one for you. Have fun!
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @Asp3c1al Oh man, I'd have to dig through my archive which is pretty extensive at this point. The sample was super short and was buried way deep into the original song. I just happened to listen at the right moment. It was a spanish guitar song, very beautiful work. ♥
  • Honda PreludeBB6 6 years ago
    brag what sample is this ?? i know this beat from an oldie an old song !
  • Right Beat Radio 7 years ago
    @tepapet thanks buddy! music like yours inspires me!
  • very nice summerbeat! good work!
  • Right Beat Radio 7 years ago
    @arkyve31 thanks a lot arkyve, that means a lot!
  • arkyve31 7 years ago
    damn i really impressed with all that i've heard in the past few days from you
  • Right Beat Radio 7 years ago
    @FIXTIONBEATS thanks a lot man that means a lot!
  • LaceyYeahUK 7 years ago
    your beats ae sick we should work together ?
  • Right Beat Radio 7 years ago
    @iodine718 thx..chk ur msgs
  • Right Beat Radio 7 years ago
    @SwitchNN17 haha thanks a lot! that's huge motivation i appreciate it!!!
  • translucent lies 7 years ago
    This is wonderful. I wish I had a link for it.
  • Right Beat Radio 7 years ago
    @777diamonds1 Short and sweet, I think. :)
  • 777diamonds1 7 years ago
    Very Nice Vibe! MELLOW :)
  • Right Beat Radio 7 years ago
    @CBPinoy Thanks for listening!
  • Chris Baco 7 years ago
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