A Better Day

This song was written to make you happy. It is bright, bouncy, and energetic.

The instrumental takes a while to build up. Because this was composed as a Gospel song, I felt the need to let the instruments play for a while before I introduced the actual beat. The real beat kicks in around 1:30 and goes from there.

When you think of “Contemporary Gospel”, think of Mary Mary. A very modern, feel-good style of music.

Give the song a chance. It really switches up on you after the initial introduction.

Please enjoy, and have a great day!

Contemporary Gospel GospelAcoustic Piano Percussion Sub Bass Conga Organ Synth StringsBright Encouraging Enthusiastic Happy Hopeful Optimistic Sophisticated Upbeat Bouncy Cheerful Excited Fun Gleeful100-109 bpm
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  • E-J Barry 1 month ago
    How can I buy your instrumentals send the link
  • Great production bro. I love it
  • Anthony Young 5 months ago
    Can i use this for NON COMERCIAL USE
  • Toccara L. Hyde 11 months ago
    how do I buy this
  • Toccara L. Hyde 11 months ago
    wanting to work with u for this next project
  • can i use this beat for my coming album
  • Vitão Moura 1 year ago
    Can I use this beat very good brother his work
  • I wrote a song called God's Grace to this beat
  • Chuckie Jesus 1 year ago
    Will u please send this wav to adhdtay@icloud.com for Christian non profit project I will give u credit
  • Cherise Perry 1 year ago
    This is dope. I would definitely sing I this track. Wonderful job
  • Youra974 1 year ago
    One of the most inspiring hidden gem out there. Thank you for the opportunity, sharing my little prayer ^^ : https://youtu.be/B2NfNdoP7uI
  • May I have this beat plzzz... Must have
  • D'Andre Hollis 2 years ago
    can i use this beat
  • D'Andre Hollis 2 years ago
    Hey can i use this beat
  • Brittanny Moore 2 years ago
    What BPM is this? And what DAW did you use? I like this! This is very nice
  • Ebony Collins 2 years ago
    My gracious. We started writing before listening to the whole song so when the beat changed we were like, what the what. Lol. It's cute but we weren't ready. Praise the Lord and goodbye. Lol
  • Brody Burnom 2 years ago
    This is such an amazing god filled track and I love it so much is alright if I use in a song I've been working on please? and God Bless and his blessings are surely upon you
  • It's a beautiful God inspired composition, God is all in it, no one has more swagger than the Lord. I could split something over this that could change a couple of hoodlums immediately, God wants all his flock saved.
  • Don't change anything, God gave you a gift, the entire track speaks to me and the creative nature of God spoke to you, advice from other believers is good but God is better, I'm not God, I'm just giving you my opinion, I am a rapper who has rapped for the world and rapped for God, I am not currently living a righteous life but I believe in God and that Jesup laid his life down for me and you. Keep doing what God has put in you, pray over it, listen to us outsiders a little but go to your source for your true advice, God. Did I tell you I love this track? Got me freestyling gospel all over my House. Praise Jesus!
  • meya ray 3 years ago
    I actually love this beat, but the first 1:30 should have been the last part of the song, but above all please keep up the great work, and stay encouraged no matter what... GOD bless you
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