(3.5/5 stars)
Right Beat Radio 204

Here’s a straight-forward underground hip hop beat. Simple and repetitive for the most part, although there are some minor but important changes throughout the song.

Not sure on the mix, but I hope the kicks aren’t too heavy! Be careful.

I tried to be creative with the video by mixing some of the audio from the train and the music. So during some parts of the song, you will hear the train come in. These sound effects are not included in the instrumental version, only the video version of the song.

Thanks for listening!

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420Boyz 3 years ago
Yo I wanna use this for my album, I think we can speak business. Can I get info on leases?
Andrew Smith 4 years ago
Havnt Listened to your beats and a while and that was a big mistake. I am always reliable for you to pump me up before a game bro. Thanks aton!