1 Page Letter

1 Page Letter

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This instrumental is very short, approx. 1 min 20 sec. It’s extremely simple with only a guitar and a few drums, which was my goal for this song.

My idea was just a simple, one verse letter to someone, which is why I chose the sound effects that you’re going to hear.

You may not be able to tell with basic speakers, but there is a very low (but powerful) sub bass tone in there. I hope I didn’t ruin the mix on the low end, but I’m letting you know just to be safe.

Hope you like.

Thanks for listening!

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NoBreakz 3 years ago
started out writing just for fun, one ryhme, one beat just 1 paged letter to take away the heat, to make my thoughts at ease
didnt have no paper so the KEYboard was my releef
releasing letters from my mind
 in abundance i started to preach
from my lips words flew free
before i knew it my first track was released
tellin the story how it is and how it changes, 4 years ago i didnt have a clue
bout how a 1 page letter could change me
strangely i saw the shackles that held me, so now i write to embace the inspireation that hip hop gave me
it alliviates, like a respirator it helps me regenerate
it is my way to communicate thru words i become illuminated
do not be afriad to be hated, dare to be diffrent as you are,
stand out in the crowed and reach far
Emanuel leal 3 years ago
Man I would love for this to be longer, I love ur work keep doing what u do, and check out my stuff, I'll use some of ur stuff soon so keep in touch!! Peace!!
3 years ago
This would be great for an online cypher, think about it
xXJDRxInfinitoXx 3 years ago
Best believe I'm gonna use this beat to write that one letter to a certain someone in a few.. love it keep it up Mike
CashiousDray 3 years ago
I've been thinking about writing a song about writing the song I'm spittin and this beat could work. Dope shit