Guitars, guitars, and more guitars. And some drums.

Punk rock stuff.

Have fun!

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  • grace091393 2 weeks ago
    Tracked out version?
  • SKYLER rap 3 months ago
    buena instrumental man lo usare y pondre en link en la describcion lml
  • Danillo Olfer 4 months ago
    Which band sings this song
  • Right Beat Radio... Is this still free to use? I wrote a song to this bad boy, kind of an oddity called "You're A Guy!". I want to put these songs up on my YouTube Channel, however, i wanted to verify with you first that it would be okay first as long as you are accredited for all of the musical genius. Hope to hear from you soon, and looking into other beats on your channel, you'll be seeing more from me.
  • trey mitchell 2 years ago
    My i use this if i give u beat creds?!?
  • To Ny 2 years ago
    nice bass tone
  • j pontay 2 years ago
    Can I use this
  • Been following you for awhile now and enjoy your beats! I actually made a song to this beat and finally put it up. Thought you might wanna hear it. It's called "Fatigue" 
  • Patrik Keszőcze 4 years ago
    Hi, can I use this song for my video?
  • Michael Chaoz 4 years ago
    Who has a rightz to thiz beat. I dig ot severely. Yall are talented!
  • TheKillaComa 4 years ago
    wait... i don't know how to make it a response anymore... youtube changed again lolol
  • TheKillaComa 4 years ago
    I made a song to this :) i'll make it a response and give u cred and all that jazz much luv fam
  • Sam Aiyan 4 years ago
    Dude you are dope for real...
  • Kemo_303 4 years ago
    very different i enjoyed
  • Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Thank you for the feedback, it really helps!!
  • Honda PreludeBB6 4 years ago
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